Most Aggressive Dogs

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The Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Most aggressive dogs are such kind of breads that exhibit behavior meant to fright, threaten or intimidate other animals or people. Usually many people have a misconception when it comes to differentiating the most aggressive dogs and the most dangerous dogs in the world though some portray similar traits. Occasionally some of the dangerous dogs may be aggressive but not all aggressive dogs are dangerous.

most aggressive dogs - ChihuahuaTherefore we should pay serious attention when selecting a puppy as a pet to our beloved families. Note that when a


dog is not well socialized and trained, it’s most likely to express its aggressive traits and our perception we think that for a dog to be dangerous or aggressive, it entirely depends on the way the owner trained it. Below is a brief description of the 10  most aggressive dogs in the world.


 English Springer Spaniel

most aggressive dogs - English springer spanielEnglish Cocker Spaniel is an active, friendly, and generous dog. Some English Cocker Spaniels are used as

working” dogs. This dog will only express its aggressive traits when not socialized and trained well, though on rare occasions English Cocker Spaniel can be stubborn, but can be easily trained and will make a good family pet.

Great Dane

most aggressive dogs - Great Dane

Great Dane is naturally aggressive and growling (make a low sound in the throat, as a sign of anger). They show aggressive behavior towards other animals and people (humans). The Great Dane will become a great and good dog if well trained and socialized otherwise they are most likely to see every human or animal as a possible threat because they are naturally pack animals. This bread needs great exercise on a daily basis so as to reduce on its aggressive nature.

 American Pit Bull Terrier

most aggressive dogs - American Pit-Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a loyal, smart, energetic and friendly dog with great instincts. American Pit Bull Terrier has a tendency of chasing and grabbing or snatching cats. I wouldn’t recommend this bread as a family pet if you have cats around the home. However with proper socialization and obedient training of the American Pit Bull Terrier will make it the best family pet ever.

 Border Collie

most aggressive dogs - Border Collie

Border collie is tremendously energetic working, and gymnastic dog, and is the most intelligent dog ever among all dogs. This is the best family pet due to its high intelligence.  However, it will not be the best for families which can’t give it enough exercise because when it’s bored, it has a tendency of chewing holes in walls and digging hole.


most aggressive dogs - Beagles   dog

Beagles are the most popular family pets because they are friendly, intelligence, obedience and excellent with children.  However when Beagles are left alone without exercise, they tend to show aggressive behaviors like obsessive barking, snapping and sometimes biting. These are not the typical behavior of Beagles rather they are really friendly and should be trained well no matter how stubborn they can be.

Cocker Spaniel

most aggressive dogs - Cocker Spaniel

This is the modern bread of two dog breeds American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel. Cocker Spaniel is an active, friendly dog which will only show its aggressive behavior like obsessive barking, roaming and hyper activity when it’s not given mental and physical exercise.

Australian Cattle Dog

most aggressive dogs - Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog is an active, happy, friendly, playful and energetic dog. Generally, Australian Cattle Dog is aggressive and suspicious to strangers with protective instincts making it the best guard dog when well trained for that particular task. However as we said earlier that with proper socialization and obedience training of any dog, it can be the best family pet which is the same case with the Australian Cattle Dog.

Jack Russell

most aggressive dogs - Jack Russell

Jack Russell Terriers are tremendously intelligent, courageous dogs which are aggressive towards other animals and humans if not properly socialized. Jack Russell Terriers are not the breed for an inexperienced dog owner because they require alto of exercise and when bored they tend to exercise aggressive behavior like climbing and jumping over fences. This breed requires alto of exercise and training to achieve the best out of it.


most aggressive dogs - Chihuahua

Chihuahuas aren’t too fond of children and can be easily provoked to attack hence unsuitable for families with children. With Such traits, Chihuahuas qualifies to be categorized among the top 10 most aggressive dog breeds.


most aggressive dogs - Dachshund

Dachshunds are the most stubborn dogs among the top 10 most aggressive dogs. They are aggressive to other dogs and strangers making them good guard dogs if well trained for this purpose. They express other aggressive behavior like chasing small animals and birds at home.


Rottweilers are intelligent dogs which are extremely protective to its owners and its home where it stays making them great guard dogs. However, you will find out that the most aggressive dogs may not be aggressive instead the best family pets if they are properly socialized and obedience trained. Proper socialization and obedience training are the key determining factors for the behaviors or traits of your dog and should be noted and practiced with proper care.

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