10 Trendy Braided Bob Hairstyles African American

| October 30, 2015

African Americans look great with braided hairstyles more especially hairstyles which complement their facial features. Bob hairstyles look stylish and trendy yet they have been around for centuries. The simplicity of bob hairstyles makes them look perfect on any woman no matter the face shape or hair texture making this kind of braided hairstyle still trending up to date.

Braided bob hairstyles for African American WomenThere are different types of bob hairstyles for African Americans which include, short bob hairstyles,


long bob hairstyles, asymmetrical bob hairstyles and inverted bob hairstyles, among others which offer the user with an opportunity select to a bob hairstyle that will fulfill her styling needs.

The number of African American opting this kind of braided hairstyle are countless as the hairstyle makes them look super cute, sexy and stunning to make heads turn and necks bend. If you are looking for a braided hairstyle which will charm your look, then braided bob hairstyles for African American will be the best choice for you.

Its worthy noticing that a braided bob hairstyle is very easy to maintain compared to regular bob hairstyles and the only problem you will find with braided bob hairstyles for African Americans is the styling process whereby you will need professional-help to get the job done (you will need a hairstylist to braid your hair to a fancy braided bob hairstyle that will charm your look).

For that reason therefore, we have decided to feature the different styles of braided bob hairstyles worn by African American ladies today and I encourage you to take a look through these styles in case you want to try out a new braided hairstyle.

Braided Bob Hairstyles With Color For African American


Braided Bob Hairstyles African American

Braided Bob hairstyles African American

The pretty African American lady featured above had all her hair twisted into simple, nice looking box braids throughout with sassy texture which makes these box braids look like dreadlocks.

These box braids feature a bob style whereby the braids are center parted and left to drop gently on both sides while stopping just a few inches below the cheekbone. The braids look big at the top but they gradually reduced in size as they approached the hair ends adding a more playful effect to this braided hairstyle.

The single braided strand that was left to cut across her forehead actually helped to draw extra attention and attraction towards her eyes while framing out her sexy oval face shape. This braided bob hairstyle has a great dark color throughout creating perfect contrast with her lighter skin color while the mesh black outfit she’s wearing matches well with the dark hair color making her just ready to rock any casual occasion like a party.


Braided Bob Hairstyles With Color For African American

Braided Bob Hairstyles With Color For African American 1

The image above features a simple, cute African American woman who had all her hair turned into colorful braided bob hairstyle that hangs around her cheeks. This short bob hairstyle was deeply parted to one side but surprisingly all the hair that drops below her head features the same length.

You will also notice that the braids at the front are longer and they gradually reduce in length as they approach the back section hence generating a slightly inverted braided bob hairstyle. On the other hand, this bob hairstyle also features a simple, braided side swept fringe that slightly runs over one side of her forehead thus drawing optimum attraction towards her sexy, white eyes while framing out the round face shape she’s having.

This braided bob hairstyle for African Americans contains a golden brown color throughout which can be achieved by bleaching your hair or by simply using colored synthetic braids if you don’t wish to bleach your hair.

The golden brown hair color draws optimum attention towards her head and it even slightly matches perfectly with her light skin hence enhancing on her overall beauty. Don’t you love how pretty and stylish she looks with hair styled into this charming African American braided bob hairstyle? You too can look stunning and stylish like her. Get a few stylish tips from her to create your own unique, sexy and eye-catching look.


Long Braided Bob Hairstyles African American

Long braided bob hairstyles African American

The long braided bob hairstyle featured in the photo above looks unique and trendy and I think any African American lady would wish to style it to look super cute and eye-catching. As you can see from the picture above, this black lady twisted all her hair into smaller braids and then decided to part this braided hairstyle from the center leaving braids to drop gently below her head and over her shoulders.

These braids feature a messy/rough texture throughout and this helps to add movement and dimension to the entire hairstyle while the pointed, flipped-in hair ends aid to bring out that bob shape perfectly.

In terms of color, if you take a closer look at this braided bob hairstyle you will notice that it features 2 shades of color whereby the most visible hair color is brown coupled with a few traces of black throughout hence giving this hairstyle a more dramatic look.

This African American lady has a light skin color which creates perfect contrast when put together with dark hair colors. In conclusion, this braided bob hairstyle for African Americans looks casual and elegant which features will make any woman look great no matter the occasion she is dressing for.


Sassy Braided Bob Hairstyles African American

Sassy braided bob hairstyles African American

The African American woman seen in the photo above features an amazing, sassy braided bob hairstyle with a sassy texture throughout and the fact is that this hairstyle looks like dreadlocks. This braided bob hairstyle is center parted and then the braids left to drop smoothly below the head.

However, this hairstyle is not entirely braided and you will actually notice that the hair was only braided starting from the crown section up to around the sides of her head then the rest of the hair that flows below was left free with a feathery texture and this helped to enhance on hair volume and movement.

This braided bob hairstyle also features side swept bangs that drop smoothly on both sides of the forehead thus drawing extra attention toward the eyes while framing out her round face shape by simply adding some length to it.

Additionally, this braided bob hairstyle for African Americans features shorter braids at the front but these braids gradually increase in length as they run towards the sides and back sections of her head while the dark brown hair color with this braided bob hairstyle makes this lady entirely beautiful and simple to go for any function.


Trendy Braided Bob Hairstyles African American

Trendy braided bob hairstyles African American

The pretty, chocolate skin African American lady featured in the picture above features a longer braided bob hairstyle which is partially braided from the crown up to around the mid-section then the rest of the hair is styled straight with curled-up hair ends that fall smoothly past the shoulders.

This braided bob hairstyle also features a black color throughout which contrasts well with the white outfit this black lady is putting-on hence making her extremely beautiful yet simple enough to go for any occasion.

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