10 Best Ghana Braids Mohawk That Turn Heads

| August 28, 2015

Ghana is an African country that is known for creating unique and amazing braided hairstyles that can make any black woman look beautiful and gorgeous.In this article, I have featured some of the best Ghana braided Mohawk hairstyles that will make any black lady look

Ghana braids Mohawkattractive and unique but all these styles require professional help from a hairstylist for perfect results.


Additionally, some of these Ghana braided Mohawk hairstyles will need that lady who is bold enough to try them out while others are simple in that anyone can wear them without fear.

All in all, try to make a selection form any of the Ghana braided Mohawk provided below which I believe will actually depend on your taste and preference.

Ghana Braids

Ghana braids Mohawk

Ghana braids Mohawk

This pretty lady features a simple but stunning Ghana braids Mohawk that will turn heads when dressed on any occasion. This braided Mohawk Hairstyle has horizontal braids on the sides that run from the front and are tucked into a Mohawk at the back and top-section.

In fact, the braids around the top-section of her head were secured and tucked to create a huge and longer Mohawk over which runs from the front up to the back of her head. However, this Mohawk braid is more visible at the top-section of her head but as the braids flow to the back-section the Mohawk reduces in size or shape and you can also notice that around the nape area, there is no Mohawk.

Likewise, the black color-tone gives this Ghana braided Mohawk an interesting and flashy look that matches perfectly with this lady’s light skin-tone. All in all, if you have been searching for a braided Mohawk that will make you look great on that prom party or when going for work, then just go in for this Ghana braids Mohawk hairstyle coz it will absolutely work for you.


Ghana Goddess braids Mohawk

Ghana Goddess braids Mohawk

In case you want to look unique and beautiful just like an African American goddess, then just go in for this Ghana Goddess Braids Mohawk. This Mohawk perfectly defines how an African American goddess would look like whereby it has very sleek braids on the sides which turn into a bulky Mohawk that rises up or high above the head in form of a C-curve that runs from the front the back of her head.

This hairstyle features individual braids which run across the forehead and even flow below the head hence creating braided accessories. On the other hand, the lady seen above has a light skin-tone which contrasts perfectly with the black color of the braids making her look pretty and awesome.

Allow me sum it up by assuring you that if you are a black lady, African American woman who hates putting on accessories like ear rings, necklaces among others, then this Ghana braids Mohawk was specifically designed for you because it provides its own accessories.


Thrilling Ghana braids Mohawk

Thirlling Ghana braids Mohawk

Most black ladies or African American ladies would wish to look thrilling and unique like the lady shown in the picture above. This African American lady had her hair twisted into a gorgeous braided Mohawk which runs from the front to the back section and then splits into smaller braids that fall gently over her back.

This Ghana braids Mohawk contains sleek braids on the sides which diffuse into the huge Mohawk at the crown. The most amazing feature about this braided hairstyle is the Mohawk which has a bump at the front and then turns to its regular shape and then splits into small braids at the back section.

This Mohawk hairstyle features different color-tones whereby most of it is black with some golden traces. Quite frankly, this Ghana braids Mohawk hairstyle will work for African American ladies, or African ladies who are bold enough to look slightly wild but still beautiful and cute.   Dot you love that? Can I hear a good YES to that’s?


Trendy Ghana braids Mohawk

Trendy Ghana braids MohawkThis beautiful and cute lady features a Ghana braids up-do consisting of Senegalese twists at the ends. This stunning braided Mohawk is more defined towards the front section of the crown whereby most of the braids were tucked to generate the huge Mohawk that runs up to the back but gradually reduces in size as it approaches the nape section and then turns into sleek, well-organized braids.

The braids run from the back towards the front while other braids from the front run towards the back hence creating an organized braided pattern that creates a unique and stunning look. This Ghana braids Mohawk is meant for those ladies who love looking simple, beautiful and elegant when going for work or even for a simple party.


Ghana braids Mohawk with Color

Ghana braids Mohawk with Color

To enhance on the way your Ghana braided Mohawk hairstyle looks like, you will need to actually add some color to your hair like that African American lady featured in the image above did.

This beautiful woman actually has a colorful braided Mohawk which features 2 tons of color whereby each braid contains red and black traces which look attractive. When it comes to styling, hair was twisted into vertical braids which were tucked under the Mohawk at the top while the Mohawk was created by simply braiding some hair at the top horizontally and it was then secured at back in form of a hair bun.

In fact, the color-tones within this braided Mohawk match perfectly with her skin-tone and other accessories on her face thus creating an attractive and sexy look that will make heads turn and necks bend when dressed in public. This Mohawk hairstyle is simply meant for ladies who prefer having colorful braided hairstyles and you can even decide to add or use other colors in order to enhance on the general appearance of your braided Mohawk hairstyle.


Ghana braided Roll and Tuck Mohawk

Ghana braided Roll and Tuck Mohawk

The lady seen above features a beautiful Ghana braids Mohawk hairstyle that has been rolled and tucked to achieve that amazing and unique style. Her hair was actually twisted into bigger braids that look a bit messy and were aligned horizontally on the sides while the Mohawk was achieved by simply twisting and tucking the braids at the crown-section.

Additionally, the Mohawk is disconnected whereby the other section of it is styled in form of a hair bun that flows gently at the back of her head. Likewise, the braids contain a black-color with some brown traces which help to add some light to the hairstyle while the lady’s lighter skin-tone contrasts perfectly with her dark hair-colors.

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