10 Cute Braided Hairstyles Black Women To Charm Your Look

| October 30, 2015

Braided hairstyles have been like a tradition amongst the black community for quite a long period of time up to date. This is mainly because braids can easily be styled yet they also require less maintenance whereby the user will have to apply less hair products compared to other unbraided hairstyles.

Cute Braided Hairstyles For Black WomenIn this write-up we decided to share with you some of the best, elegant and cute braided hairstyles for black women


that will make every black woman to look stylish, trendy and super cute. When styled on your head, braided hairstyles for black women will last longer compared to other hairstyles implying that the user will be able to save a lot of money in-terms of styling hair yet still looking beautiful with her braids on.

So, it’s for this reason that we have decided to feature for you some of the trending, cute and easy to style braided hairstyles that you may tryout in case you’re a black women who eagerly wants to charm her look. These braided hairstyles designed in different styles and some featuring amazing colors in order for you to be able select from a wide variety of braided hairstyles depending on your hair texture and skin color.

Cute Braided Hairstyles Black Women


Cute Braided Hairstyles Black Women

Cute braided hairstyles black women

The black woman featured in the picture above truly turned her long and thick hair into a simple box braided hairstyle that drops gently below her head. This braided hairstyle for African American women features rolled braids at the crown which are secured at the back of her head creating a sexy, amazing bump on one side of her head while the braids on the other side of the head are simply pulled and secured at the back then the rest of the braided hair is left to drop freely below her head past the shoulders.

Likewise, this hairstyle features medium size box braids throughout coupled with a black color allover which truly contrasts well with the lighter skin tone of this pretty black woman. Quite frankly, this cute braided hairstyle looks simple, beautiful and trendy hence it will make any woman look perfect for any simple or important function.

So, if you’re tired of styling your hair all the time and you’re now looking for a hairstyle that will make you feel free and beautiful then just go in for this cute braided hairstyle for black women as it will charm your look.


Cute Short Braided Hairstyles Black Women

Cute short-braided hairstyles black women

The black lady seen in the photo above is having an amazing, gorgeous and short braided hairstyle that looks completely unique and will work perfectly for women who still wish to look young and beautiful.

This braided hairstyle features simple cornrows at the top of the head and these braids have a unique fishbone structure but they are also left to run up to the back of her head without touching the sides. Likewise, the sides of her head are actually cut smooth and sleek throughout up to around the edges of the crown section before diffusing into braids.

This creates great contrast within the entire hairstyle making this black woman look completely beautiful and stunning for any casual party while the black color throughout the braids creates perfect contrast with the lighter skin color.

However, although this braided hairstyle looks a bit wild and flashy, it will look perfect on ladies going for a simple party, club, date, work and also some important functions like; weddings. In conclusion, this is a great braided hairstyle that is in between wild and casual hence you should try it out if you really want to achieve a great new-look that is trendy and attractive.


Cute Braided Hairstyles Black Women With Color

Cute braided hairstyles black women with color

Some black women actually prefer having color within their braided hairstyles just like the lady featured in the image above. If you look closely, this pretty black woman decided to twist all her hair into amazing dreadlocks which were pulled and secured into a huge bump that hangs high at the back-end of the crown section.

However, before this lady twisted her hair into braids, I think she first bleached it in order to create that amazing golden brown color throughout but you can still notice some black braided strands within this hairstyle and there is also a black color at the base were the hair strand begin and this helps to create a playful effect throughout her hairstyle while creating great contrast between the lighter skin color and slightly dark hair color tones.

All in all, if you really love up-do hairstyles then this colorful, up-do, braided hairstyle will work perfectly for you no matter where you are going. There are several amazing colors that you may add to your braided hairstyle in order to achieve a specific, unique look that meets your styling needs and preferences.


Cute Braided Hairstyles Black Women With Thick Hair

Cute braided hairstyles black women with thick hair

The African American celebrity above features a simple and unique braided hairstyle containing gorgeous cornrows that gently run from the front to the back of her head and then styled into a long braided ponytail that smoothly falls over her back.

These cornrows are smaller at the beginning but they gradually increase in size as they run towards the crown and back sections while the huge spaces in-between these braids help to add awesome light and a playful effect all over this hairstyle.

Additionally, this braided hairstyle is styled perfectly whereby all the braids look equal and braids drop over the back or sides of the head thus leaving all facial features visible which makes this pretty African American princess look younger and extremely pretty to rock any red carpet function. It’s important to note that this braided hairstyle also looks casual and stylish hence it will also work for women going to work, date or even schooling kids.

Aren’t you already in love with this pretty African American princess braided hairstyle? You too can look like an African American princess; all you need to do is to get a few styling tips from her to create your own unique, sexy and stylish cute braided hairstyle for black women with thick hair.


Cute Box Braided Hairstyles Black Women

Cute box braided hairstyles black women

If you’re a fun of box braided hairstyles then this hot and stunning braided hairstyle for black woman will be the most appropriate choice to consider when trying out any braided hairstyle on your head because it will make you look extremely fabulous and charming.

The pretty black lady featured above had all her hair styled into thick and huge box braids whereby the braids at the crown were center parted, pulled and secured at the back of her head.

Likewise, a few box braids at the extreme end on the sides of her head were left to fall freely below the head and past shoulders on one side while the braids on the other side were left to drop to the back making this pretty lady look just like an African goddess or princess.

On the other hand, this braided hairstyle contains black color tone throughout which generates an awesome contrast with her light skin color while the black and white outfit she’s putting-on makes everything about her just gorgeous and perfect. All in all, this braided hairstyle is multipurpose and you can actually have it when going for any type of occasion or function.

Well, personally I like box braided and I wear them more often as they are easy and cheap when it comes to maintenance. They also look great and super cute on me as I can style them around my face depending on the occasion I am dressing for. You too can look gorgeous just like me; get a few styling tips from the African American goddess to come up with your own unique, stylish and outstanding box braided hairstyle for black women.


Cute Braided Hairstyles Black Women With Long Hair

Cute braided hairstyles black women with long hair

With braided hairstyles, you have a variety of choice when it comes to the length of your hair. You can do braided hairstyles when your hair is short, medium length or long. In this case, we will focus on braided hairstyles for black women with long hair.

Now when your hair is long, you have quite a variety of many options when it comes to choosing which style, how to style and whether or not to braid the entire hair on your head or just part such as half up half down or on only one side or both sides.

The African American lady featured above had her hair braided into stylish cornrows on only one side of her head (the smaller the cornrows, the sexier the look). Styling the rest of the hair around your face will depend on your personal preference and the type of your face shape. Try to play around the styling so that it best matches and compliments your facial features and you will be good to go rock any occasion.

For ladies with round face shapes, try to style the rest of the hair around your face so that the round corner of your face are covered to make your face look a little longer that its wide. For ladies with long face shapes, the choice is in your hands, just style the rest of the hair to create that look and style which will make you outstanding in a crown of many ladies with different braided hairstyles.

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